Valuation / Appraisal

We are fully licensed to carry out appraisal activities in accordance with Act No. 36/1967 Coll. on Experts and Translators, as amended. We also have significant experience with the fair value assessment required by IFRS. Our appraisal reports are accepted by Czech courts.

We hold expert licenses in the following economic fields: 

  • The valuation of businesses, including the valuation of individual assets, the valuation of rights, claims and liabilities, intangible assets and other assets, the valuation of services, the valuation of equity investments and shares, the valuation of investment contributions to the company, the valuation of settlement shares;
  • The review of related party reports, the review of drafts of merger agreements, the determination of the amount of the cash settlement on the dissolution of companies with the transfer of the assets to the shareholders or members, the review of corporate spin-off projects and the review of contracts for the division and acceptance of business assets, the review of control agreements and profit transfer agreements, the review of the adequacy of prices during public drafts of contracts for the transfer of securities, the determination and assessment of reasonable prices;
  • The prices and estimates of real estate;
  • The prices and estimates of motor vehicles, agricultural machinery;
  • Accounting records – the determination of fair value for accounting purposes;
  • The method for determining and the determination of transfer prices between related parties for tax purposes.

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