Document Management Solution

An effective document management solution in compliance with local regulations

Are you overwhelmed with documents and you do not know what to do with them? Accounting, legal documents and red tape can pile up in your office as the business grows and you are quickly losing space at the expense of using it productively. Have you ever considered having one partner taking care of this for you?

Record management has to adhere with a specific legislation according to the country specifics and you can easily undergo risks of non-compliance without your consent and receive heavy fines.

Our approach and solution

Thanks to the expertise of Mazars in process and regulations with a professional in data storage, you will benefit from an efficient and tailor-made arching solution, enabling you to:

  • Save time. The administrative work will be done by our teams. Our professionals will help you finding the right way to protect and sort your business documents.
  • Be in compliance with regulations. Our teams develop for you archiving plans and documents management policies as well as auditing their compliance with Czech and international legal regulations.
  • Quickly follow-up and easily retrieve any documents anytime. You are able to monitor your documents in real time and access them quickly.
  • Prevent risks from losing track of your documents. It is easy to lose some important documentation when they are piling up the office. Our teams allows you to keep an eye on your documents without spending extra time.

About our partner

With over 60 years of experience, our partner in record management will help you with the protection of your business documentation as well as storing and protecting them against burglary and sabotage. Like Mazars, our partner is compliant with ISO9001 for the Quality Assurance System and its employees follow strict confidentiality business conduct.

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