SAP Accounting Performance

One of the main goals of implementing SAP solutions is to improve decision-making, cost management & accounting and information sharing. The business challenge: to integrate and standardize financial management processes.

An essential element of good project management and decision-making is knowledge: having all the information you need to run your project is vital, particularly in today’s complex economic environment where cutting costs are evaluated thoroughly. Mazars can assist you with design and configuration, change management & communication in transition, testing, reporting milestones and also with leveraging on our expertise in harmonisation of processes via cross implementation.

Our approach 

Mazars has extensive experience with both SAP transitioning and accounting processing on SAP environments. Because SAP is a complex ERP system, it requires technicity in order to leverage and get all the benefits from the system. This is why Mazars has developed a specific expertise in partnership with both his clients and an SAP consultant including:

  • Dedicated teams with +20 SAP qualified accountants, +60 000 operations processed each year,
  • SAP hotline maintained with our IT partner to consult on technical issues,
  • Process optimization to leverage on Mazars expertise in accounting and financials information’s.

Mazars can prepare or assist you throughout the project lifecycle. Options vary from the complete outsourcing during setting-up, to assisting you in the provision of accounting services. At the outset, we will spend time understanding your business and discussing your requirements with you in order to tailor our service offer so that it adds value to you.

Our services 

Mazars can support you both during implementation and provision of accounting under SAP like:

1.  Set-up and Optimisation

  • Active or passive participation during phase test preparation and its processing using Mazars local partnership with local SAP consultancy company or using Client SAP partner being responsible for implementation
  • Chart of account setting-up taking into consideration group and local requirement
  • VAT codes definition – and their tax implications
  • Reporting set-up (with requirements scaling down Global to Local)
  • Control of automatic postings
  • Help with choice of accounting method being compliant with local requirement
  • Opening balances overview – testing & preparation
  • Steps reviewing (including but not limited to: identification or users cards to be prepared by implementer, defining of authorization per person based on work assignments)
  • Any other points upon agreement

 2.    Provision of Accounting Services under SAP

  • Client Management
  • Administration assistance (invoicing, aging, payment management)
  • Accounting assistance (full bookkeeping, GAAP to GAAP adjustments,  YE financial statements, reporting, consolidation package, assistance during external audit)
  • Corporate Secretarial Services (Databox management, Report on related parties, Annual report, Minutes of Annual General Meeting)
  • Tax Assistance (VAT return, Corporate Tax returns, Transfer tax, Real Estate tax)

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