Credit Control

Let us manage your credit to optimize your working capital while you focus on your operations.

Predictable cashflow is what allows any business to function in today’s competitive business environment.  Many feel that expansion is the biggest risk for a business, but in fact it's a lack of working capital that sinks many companies - and that can be due to ineffective credit control.

Our approach

At Mazars, our experienced Credit Control team can help you improve cash flow by reducing debtors.

Outsourcing your credit control allows you to focus on operations and generating revenue, while our team takes care of improving your cashflow.  This outsourced solution protects your own relationship with your clients, while also offering the scalability to cope with quiet or busy periods.

We provides a comprehensive solution fully coordinated by Mazars that combines the expertise of our team in cash collections with a flexible financing solution of our cooperating bank.

Our cooperating bank, provides you with a credit line in which you can easily and repeatedly draw short term loans or an overdraft according to your needs, secured by your receivables. Meanwhile, Mazars implement an efficient and robust collection process, from standard reminders and phoning to legal notifications of your debtors.

You will be able to monitor the improvements through regular communication of your aging balance and cash report.

Our services 

  • Overdue debt collection
  • Credit management advice
  • Reviews of systems, processes and personnel
  • Audits – receivable reviews
  • Bespoke reporting
  • Debtor verification
  • Sales ledger monitoring
  • Insolvency recovery

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Reducing the time it takes to get paid is the easiest way to improve cash flow. Get in touch today to see how we can help you streamline your credit and debt management.

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