Expat Desk

Expatriates come from different countries with different personal circumstances and backgrounds and are posted for different periods of time. And both companies and expatriates have to face the changing conditions of the assigned postings due to radical changes in the economic environment: now and in the upcoming seasons.

This is why Mazars offers you services of Expat Desk. The Mazars Expat Desk is made up of interdisciplinary experts within Mazars’ international integrated network. It does not matter whether the individual is an employee of a foreign company assigned to the Czech Republic, an employee of a local company working abroad, or a self-employed individual, the Expat Desk will provide you with tailored solutions particulary in areas of personal income tax, social security, health insurance, immigration and others.

The qualified professionals from the Mazars Expat Desk deliver optimal solutions in these areas:

  • work permits, visas, residency permits
  • the international movement of employees: tax obligations in the respective countries
  • calculation of the personal income tax liability
  • social security and health insurance – contributions and benefits
  • optimising the employees’ remuneration structure: maximum benefits with minimum costs

Our team will be at your disposal at the beginning of your business activity, during your business activity and also while ending your business activity in the Czech Republic.

Due to the worldwide presence of Mazars offices, we can coordinate the provision of expatriate services in various countries including the hand-over of information related to the respective expatriate when moving.