Finance & Accounting Business Process Outsourcing (F&A BPO)

Outsourcing of your company processes (accounts payable, receivable…) across one of several countries under one dedicated platform

You are Director, Chief Financial Officer or Accounting manager, facing with new strategic orientations, pressure on costs combined with the need to improve the quality of information?

 Mazars can support your finance transformation project, providing you with end-to-end solutions to optimize, standardize, and automate core business processes, from Purchase to Pay (P2P), Order to Cash (OtC), to Record to Reports (R2R), including process of compliance with local regulations applicable in each country.

Our approach 

Our service delivery is people-centric with a partnership approach that is at the heart of all our BPO solutions. After understanding your organization and expectations, we intend to implement a scalable model of delivery to allow responsiveness and flexibility that would fit to your exact needs. Beyond quality of the processing and adherence to the deadlines, we will continuously focus on process improvement and performance (costs, quality and risks);

Our BPO platforms are located in one of our CEE country, part of the most popular destination in Europe for nearshoring and offshoring, especially made for companies looking for a good balance between affordable and highly skilled pool of labor. In fact, the region become a top location for Shared Services Centres and Business Services with more than 2,150 centres and 640,000 people employed, it continues to consistently and rapidly grow.

Our teams are qualified accountants, with expertise on multiple ERP environments (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, IFS…). They are used to work in a multi-national environment, sharing same language and culture, which make it easier to reach an initial understanding and drive results. This alignment helps to streamline the workflow, and enable you to successfully carry out your Business Process Outsourcing projects.

BPO accountants are seconded by non-dedicated Mazars teams, centrally and / or in each country, to manage emergencies and imponderable situations, ensuring consistency in our service delivery whatever the circumstances.

Finally, thanks to technology and direct access to Mazars experts in each country (tax advisors, chartered accountants, payroll specialists), our team coordinate and ensure global compliance, guiding you through an effective bridging from your transactional accounting processes to the local specifics, such as statutory accounting requirements, tax and / or payroll activities.

How we can help

A strong and recognized expertise based on a proven approach adaptable to the specific needs of each company:

  • Advice with the set-up of new administrative, finance & accounting processes,
  • Implementation of the agreed model, including support with the localization of your ERP system;
  • Process standardisation, automation and optimisation;
  • Transactional accounting activities such as Purchase to Pay (P2P), Order to Cash (OtC), Record to Reports (R2R);
  • Service level agreement ensuring commitment to results;
  • Global coordination of Mazars experts in each country to ensure compliance with local regulations.


Our tools and solutions 

Expertise of our consultants in Technology and Innovation for the digitalisation and process automation:

  • Setting up Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and providing alternative quick solutions for automating the routine tasks of your business. 
  • Business Intelligence: analyzing and optimizing company’s data structure, automating managerial reports preparation process and developing functional reports for making right managerial decisions.

inControl is our digital compliance platform, designed to help global organisations monitor and enhance their compliance processes. It provides a clear and transparent view of the complete compliance process and makes it possible to assess the performance of internal and external teams.

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