Transfer Pricing

Transfer prices, i.e., the prices at which goods and services are sold between associated enterprises, are acknowledged to be the most important international tax issue facing multinational businesses. Transfer pricing solutions, such as the effective restructuring, re-pricing or refinancing of transactions can play an important role in assisting your group of companies to maintain its competitive advantages and to meet the shareholders’ financial expectations.

Multinational companies are faced with the decision to either take the risk of an additional tax assessment and penalties or giving priority to a systematic approach to document their transfer pricing settings. With regard to the considerable volume of inter-company transactions, a transfer pricing policy might result in significant tax consequences for your group of companies.
It seems to be ever more advisable for companies to prepare a transfer pricing file in advance, as this represents your only tool for coping with tax audits without major adjustments and related penalties. The tax authorities are increasingly aware of the manner in which transfer prices may affect tax revenues.

Mazars Offer of Transfer Pricing Services
Mazars tax experts from its specialized Transfer Pricing Team help you in the following fields:

  • Preparing / reviewing the transfer pricing documentation
  • Adapting group documentation (Masterfile) to the specific local requirements and regulations
  • Assessing the tax risks of transfer prices
  • Proposing a transfer pricing strategy and tax planning
  • Comparative analysis with use of internationally-acknowledged databases (eg.: Amadeus)
  • Application for advance pricing arrangements
  • Representation during tax proceedings
  • Customised training
  • Close cooperation with the Mazars offices in the transfer pricing area