Corporate tax consultation

We look at the issue of corporate taxation from a variety of angles. One of the many legal obligations of every tax subject that has a seat or does business in the Czech Republic is to calculate the tax, apply the exemptions, discounts and deductions and submit the tax return.

We offer you the opportunity of transferring your legal obligation to our tax experts, thereby lightening up your company’s administrative load. The experts in the area of corporate taxation provide consulting services to many Czech and multinational companies. Our team has profound knowledge of the sectors in which our clients operate and can thus react immediately to tax issues that the directors and shareholders are facing.

 We can help you with:

  • The preparation and/or review of corporate income tax
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Transfer pricing
  • Property transfers
  • Tailored tax training and seminars
  • Tax audits / Simulation of inspection from financial office
  • Investment incentives and EU funds
  • Deduction for support of research and development