Outsourcing for a large automotive greenfield project

Mazars has created special teams with project-oriented approach in order to address the issues related to clients' operations. All accounting, payroll and tax processes have been described in process maps.


This investment located in Slovakia has been the largest greenfield project in Europe in the last years. The client had limited experience with the local legislation and potential pitfalls.


This project-oriented approach included tailor-made consulting during the implementation phase, assistance in setting up of accounting, payroll and tax processes, implementation of ERP system for accounting and payroll, tax advisory in line with the Slovak legislation and in later phase assistance with SAP system implementation.

Mazars had to prove security of IT systems through various penetration tests and all systems used for the client had to be transferred to encrypted servers.

The initial period of cooperation was limited to 6-18 months. Now, after 5 years of cooperation, the company is still our client. Mazars is currently providing payroll services (about 3500 employees), bookkeeping related payroll, bookkeeping related to employees 'expenses (travel expenses, credit card payments, mileage logs) and tax advisory and compliance related to corporate income tax and motor vehicle tax.

Moreover, Mazars is implementing a new web portal for employees, where they can fulfill their expenses and data from the portal are automatically transferred to the accounting system.

About the company

A global automotive manufacturer and leading technology company.