Transaction advisory services

Our Transaction Advisory team will help you to identify and minimize risks related
to an acquisition or a sale of a company. Our professionals will cooperate with you to create the optimal tax structure for your holding or acquisition structure. Further, we provide valuation services covering both market and expert (stipulated by law) valuations.

Mazars offers a team of professionals with long-standing experience in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) through various lines of business and with international coverage in Europe and worldwide.

We offer the following services:


  • Consultation in the area of the optimal tax structure of local and international holdings
  • Planning, design and organisation of business transformation processes from a tax point of view
  • Accounting advisory related to business transformations: audits of financial statements and opening balance sheets; equity structure advisory services


  • Market screening of suitable potential targets
  • Investment audit of a target company, i.e. due diligence: financial, tax and IT streams
  • Investment valuation of a target company
  • Shareholding Purchase Agreement (SPA) advisory services: purchase price adjustments, SPA negotiation support, Closing Accounts review
  • Tax consultations in the area of the optimal acquisition structure
  • Post-closing integration: design and implementation of accounting and reporting systems, specialized consultancy related to financial department functions


  • Company’s preparation for an intended sale: preliminary analysis of business and finances; planning, design and organizing of suitable business combinations (e.g. spin-off of non-core assets)
  • Market valuation of a company for its owners
  • Vendor due diligence (VDD) services
  • Full-pledge sale advisory: preparation of marketing materials, addressing of identified and selected potential investors, organizing of due diligence process, support through Shareholding Purchase Agreement negotiations and the Transaction’s closing


Legal M&A services are provided through Mazar’s cooperating law firms.

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