Tax Services

Faced with increasingly complex tax regulations, specific and continuous consulting is required to optimise their impact on the company.

To support your development, Mazars takes care of:

  • Compliance (personal and corporate income tax returns, tax statements and tax reports, VAT returns, Intrastat reporting, ...)
  • Personal Income Tax (international assignment structures, social security and health insurance, employee stock option plans, immigration, ...)
  • Corporate Income Tax (strategic tax planning, transfer pricing, property transfers, investment incentives and EU funds, ...)
  • Indirect Taxation (international VAT optimisation, VAT planning, customs duties, excise taxes, ...)
  • Expertise (consulting, international tax optimisation, services for company restructuring, tax training and tailored seminars, ...)
  • Assurance (tax due diligence, tax audits, confirmation of the client’s stance, ...)
  • Representation and Handling of Disputes (assistance during tax controls, negotiations with financial offices, tax disputes, ...)

With experience and a strong network behind them, Mazars' tax experts are ideally placed to help each client understand and implement national and transnational taxation issues, within the framework of their company's own strategic challenges.

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Optimisation of HR costs

Expenses for the remuneration of employees represent a considerable part of a company's total expenses. Employee benefits can be unnecessarily expensive for companies if they are not configured properly from a tax perspective.

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Returning VAT

Do you commonly have expenses in other member states, even though you do not have business premises there? Do you ship goods within the European Union? Do your employees take business trips abroad? Do you participate in professional training and seminars outside of the Czech Republic? Does your company regularly present itself at various foreign trade fairs and exhibitions?

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