Optimisation of HR costs

Expenses for the remuneration of employees represent a considerable part of a company's total expenses. Employee benefits can be unnecessarily expensive for companies if they are not configured properly from a tax perspective.

The remuneration of your employees represents a considerable item in the company’s overall expenses. In addition to the actual wages, benefits and other fulfilment, companies can be hit by administration costs - ineffective HR processes can be a considerable burden on employers.
If not configured correctly from a tax perspective, employee benefits can become unnecessarily expensive for a company. What’s more, the resulting benefit for the employee can be very low in comparison with the expenses involved. Setting it up properly at the beginning is not enough. It has to be modified continuously according to the ever-changing legislation.
Mazars can deal with these changes. Mazars’ experts will examine the benefits you provide and recommend an optimal solution, ensuring the lowest expenses while maintaining the same net benefit for the employees.

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