Product sheets

Here you will find detailed information about the entire portfolio of services which our company offers to the clients.

Audit on use of subsidies

The performance of an audit on the use of subsidies is usually a one of the binding conditions set by the provider of the finances for the provisioning of the funds.

Services for Financial Institutions

Our Financial Sector Team´s specialists have extensive knowledge in the area of reporting, evaluating the performance of financial institutions including the monitoring of costs, risk management, forensic audits, the management of internal processes and control, and of course tax and accounting consulting.

Intrastat reports

Do you trade in goods within the European Union and are you a VAT payer? Are you aware your obligations concerning the mandatory reporting of information on transactions with goods? Are you capable of following the regular changes to the customs tariff and in the methods of reporting the required data? Does it take a lot of time and administration for you to prepare the statistical reports?

UK / US Desk

Our US and UK Desk is a direct link for companies doing business or considering developing their operations in the Czech Republic. Mazars Czech Republic provides existing and new clients with the highest quality services regarding any US or UK related issue with respect to the demanding regulatory frameworks from both countries.

German Desk

Mazars ist eine internationale, integrierte und unabhängige Organisation, die sich auf Dienstleistungen im Bereich Wirtschaftsprüfung, Buchaltung, Steuern und Consulting spezialisiert hat.

French Desk

Le French Desk de Mazars a été créé pour accompagner les entreprises françaises désireuses de s’implanter en République tchèque ou d’y développer une filiale. Il est animé par des experts bilingues, qui tous maîtrisent les spécificités des pays francophones, et disposent des compétences techniques et sectorielles nécessaires à la réalisation de tout type de prestations comptables, financières, fiscales, juridiques et sociales.

Returning VAT from other EU member states

Do you commonly have expenses in other member states, even though you do not have business premises there? Do you ship goods within the European Union? Do your employees take business trips abroad? Do you participate in professional training and seminars outside of the Czech Republic? Does your company regularly present itself at various foreign trade fairs and exhibitions?

Optimisation of HR costs

Expenses for the remuneration of employees represent a considerable part of a company's total expenses. Employee benefits can be unnecessarily expensive for companies if they are not configured properly from a tax perspective.

Financial Audit

Financial audit is an integral part of the control mechanisms, by which the owners of medium and large enterprises endeavour to protect their investments, and this is even more valid in the period following a financial crisis.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer prices, i.e., the prices at which goods and services are sold between associated enterprises, are acknowledged to be the most important international tax issue facing multinational businesses.