Mazars Tax View - January 2017

We would like to welcome you to the year 2017 and to present you with the New Year’s issue of our tax newsletter. Just like every year, the coming of the New Year means that our lawmakers have prepared some changes in the area of taxation, which we will briefly and concisely introduce to you in this issue.

The minimum and average wages will be increasing from January 2017 and we inform you of the effects these increases will bring in the area of taxation.

The representatives did not manage to approve, before the end of the year 2016, the amendment to the Income Tax Act or the amendment to the VAT Act, which were supposed to have come into force on 1 January 2017. Thus we will spend more time on the two aforementioned amendments in a later issue of our newsletter. In this issue, nevertheless, you can read about the discrepancies that have arisen between the Czech and European legislation in the area of services related to real estate, which is the result of the non-acceptance of the VAT Act amendment. 

In the name of all the employees of Mazars we would like to wish you a lot of health, cheer and success in your business activities in the New Year.