Mazars Tax View - February 2019

Dear readers,
I would like to welcome you to the year 2019 and to introduce you to this year’s first issue of our tax newsletter.

As you probably know, the tax package for the year 2019, which affects several areas of taxation, has not yet passed its approval process, so we will look at a summary of the approved changes in one of the future issues. In this issue we will look at the expected changes in the area of corporate income tax in more detail. You can read some interesting and useful information in an article that deals with changes in Intrastat. In the area of VAT, we will also introduce you to the voucher
directive, which should have been implemented in Czech tax regulations from 1 January of this year, as well as a theme that has been heavily discussed in recent times: the introduction of a general reverse charge regime. In this issue we will also look at what all will be affected by the new minimum and average wages, which are valid from January 2019.