Mazars - HumanResourcesPortal

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you our new product in the area of HR. If you are wondering how to efficiently record the attendance and absence of your employees and want to stop using the paper reports or Excel spreadsheets you have been using in HR until now, we have a solution for you.

The HRP - HumanResourcesPortal web application is a user-friendly attendance and administrative system for employees, HR managers and payroll accountants. In addition to attendance records and records of all possible types of absences, including requests and their approval, HRP offers many other useful functions, for example a report of hours, and summaries of overtime, holidays and business trips.

Of course, it also processes monthly reports for payroll accounting and bonuses and the administration of food vouchers and other benefits for employees. The HRP system saves time for both employees and employers and simplifies the demanding process of recording time to just a few clicks.
The application can be launched on the web or Intranet and can also be used on mobile devices. It really is quite easy to use - the employee submits his/her attendance with one click to the supervisor, who sends everything to HR with one click. HR can then export the data to payroll programs with which HRP is compatible.
You can see a sample of HRP functionality in this video: