Jana Boštíková joins Mazars Group CARL partnership

Paris, Prague, 22 December 2020: Audit and consulting company Mazars in the Czech Republic has announced that one of its local partners, Jana Boštíková, has been named as a Mazars CARL Partner, following the approval by existing CARL Partners at the last Mazars Group's annual conference, held last December. CARL is a Belgian legal term which stands for Cooperative à Responsabilité Limité.

Mazars CARL partners are also shareholders in Mazars SCRL, a Limited Responsibility Cooperative Company headquartered in Belgium, which is tasked with defining the strategic objectives of the Mazars Group and coordinating their implementation at member entity level. Mazars SCRL also has specific responsibility for promoting and protecting the Mazars brand worldwide.

Jana Boštíková has been leading the HR & Payroll Services Department in Mazars for 9 years. She specialises in the outsourcing of payroll services, especially international projects in the areas of personnel administration, payroll and HR controlling. There are 40 experts working in the department, whose services in the area of the outsourcing of payroll accounting and HR are used by two hundred clients in various fields and of various sizes, from small and medium-sized businesses to large multinational companies. Jana Boštíková is a graduate of the University of Economics in Prague. During her professional career she has acquired experience in the area of consulting, audits, financial and payroll accounting and HR.  She has been working in Mazars since 2005.

Jana Boštíková