Platform for Transparent Public Tenders

Mazars, one of the key transparency players on the market place, joined the iniciative of the Aliance for transparent business in 2010. Mazars has chosen to respect the same strict standards of performance evaluation as those expected from its clients.

Transparent Business

  • Mazars have a strong will to bring its long-term contribution in terms of transparency and transparency reporting approach. First of all with the voluntary publication of the Mazars Group’s annual report including consolidated IFRS financial statements certified by independent auditors since 2004/2005. We started to comply with the statutory audit directive for the transparency report as soon as 2006. Since 2009, also the Czech Republic´s transparency report is published.
  • And it´s also a reason why we – as a corporate member of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic - strongly support and join in the Platform for Transparent Public Tenders in the Czech Republic. We consider that the Recommendations for the Public Tenders Suppliers on Disclosure of Information can play an important role in the recovery of trust in the Czech legal system and overall business environment, claimed by the broadest corporate strata.In that context, we make our best to contribute actively to all the debates relating to our professional and legal environments as well as the standards ruling our activity.

Alliance for Transparent Business

  • Mazars is one of the initiators and founding members of the Alliance for transparent business (Koalice pro transparentní podnikání). The alliance is a free association of companies, organisations and other entities aspiring to cultivate the business environment in the Czech Republic. It was created in 2010 and has been associating more than 30 Czech and international companies of all sectors. It´s open to all subjects sharing the same ethical values willing to contribute to the creation of an overall cultivated and transparent environment. The Alliance is closely cooperating with the Platform for Transparent Public Tenders associating political parties, business associations and public insitutions and taking part in the amendment to the Act on Public Tenders.

Transparent Public Contracts

  • Mazars is enlisted in the List of Approved Economic Operators maintained by the Ministry for Regional Development pursuant to §125 and subsequent provisions of Act no. 137/2006 Coll. on Public Contracts. Mazars met qualifications pursuant to §53 (basic qualifications criteria) and §54 (professional qualifications criteria) of the Act on Public Contracts, have demonstrated satisfaction of qualifications by furnishing relevant evidence to the Ministry and have paid an administrative fee.
  • Mazars currently does not contract any procurement and is not a supplier of business the public sector.
  • In case of question do not hesitate to contact Petr Frisch, Tax Partner of Mazars.