Governance matters: analysis of 10 best practice

Mazars has identified and analysed several successful governance practices across the globe, which are pertinent to the current scenario. We have also assessed how different countries are dealing with their corporate governance problems, short-listing practices that are driven by aspects, participatory, consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive and equitable.

"The concept of corporate governance is so dynamic in nature today that at no point can a given set of requirements be determined as being sufficient for the sustained value creation of an organisation. Standards of corporate governance are changing rapidly, some in response to random events which capture public attention. Others are driven more by the realisation that the responsible behaviour is ultimately reflected in the share prices of organisations," says Jana Švenková, Audit Partner and continues "it would be a mistake to see any crisis of corporate governance primarily through the transparency and compliance - the failure of some of the best intended laws and stringent disclosure norms is a pointer to this."

The shareholders’ crusade for more open and well governed companies is gaining strength across many major and emerging markets. In so called a worldwide corporate-governance movement, shareholders are pushing for stronger governance frameworks.

Download our publication and find out the benchmarks that can be used to develop a culture of values for professional and ethical behaviour on which well functioning markets depend.